Real Estate Investment Consultancy



In real estate investments, our Company works with specialized lawyers, tax consultants and real estate agents and initiates and finalizes any and all types of deals and transactions which have to be pursued at Municipalities, Title Deed Registries and other relevant public institutions and agencies.

Along with this, our Company also works with leading banks of Turkey and can provide consultancy support to its clients also in relation to mortgage or real estate loans.    

When investors are investing in real estate in Turkey, they come up to various technical and administrative issues. At the outset, comes the legal status of the real estates which shall be invested in. Our Company pays a great deal of importance to legal controls since the first step.

Our solution partner law firms keep reviewing the records of Title Deed Registries and Municipalities in all around Turkey, check construction agreements pertaining to real estates, investigate risks and securities and submit reports to our company regarding their investigations. By starting out from this report, our company clearly informs clients regarding the problems pertaining to the relevant real estate, and the risks of investment.

In case the client wants to invest, for the faster and healthier progression of transactions, a power of attorney has to be issued from a Notary Public or the Turkish Consulate present at the country of the client in relation to the purchase of real estate in the in the name of the client.
(Detailed information shall separately be provided to our clients who/which request information as to the details of this power of attorney and how it shall be issued.)

After the issuance of this power of attorney, our company gets in touch with the seller of the real estate which is a real person or a company in the name of its client, and starts Title Deed Registry transactions.  

If clients want to use loans, negotiations in relation to loan usage from banks must be finalized.

We also provide necessary consultancy services to our clients in relation to usage of real estate loans by foreigners.


The security of the money of our client at the moment of purchase of a real estate is Turkish Banks which operate in Turkey and which are extremely secure.
While our client grants us authorization for only the real estate it desires, we also ensure the payment of the price agreed with the seller only to the seller via blocked checks issued from Turkish Banks and via similar methods.

Thus the clients do not purchase any real estate which they do not want and are certain that their money goes to the correct address.


Our company does not only suffice with the realization of the sale, but also pursues the manufacturer throughout projects the construction of which continue and helps the lawyers who are solution partners to initiate legal transactions on time for the protection of the rights of its client upon request of the client and as an additional consultancy service.

Along with this, if real estates which are being invested in will not be used by our clients, we can also provide services for leasing in the name of our clients and pursuit of lessees.

In conclusion, clients which retain our company, have the necessary controls made before they purchase a real estate which they see and like, have transactions gone through legal control when purchasing real estates, experience a secure purchase and can also have consultancy support in relation to financing when required. By receiving a continuous consultancy service for more detailed protection of their rights in relation to pending projects, they finalize their real estate investments in a way as secure as possible.

Our company, our shareholders and all our solution partners are proud to serve you;
our valuable clients with our experience in the field of real estate based on many years.
Yours sincerely,  

ADL Trade Consultancy Limited