Our company ADL Ticari Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti., and our partners have been serving local or foreign real and legal persons who/which want to possess real estates or invest in real estates in Turkey for nearly 20 years.

Our company works with leading construction firms in Turkey and also provides consultancy services to foreign real estate funds investing in Turkey and realizes their operations.

Our company which has provided consultancy, management and operation services in around 700 major and minor “title deed registry transactions” until today, possesses significant experience.

Our investment and development activities in real estate sector which started as a family investment at the beginning of 1990’s, have been continuing under the tradename ADL Ticari Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti. also in  fields of consultancy and organization since 2003.

The work of our partners in real estate sector displayed itself as various real estate purchase-sale and development activities in 1990s.

Since 1995, our partners who provide consultancy services in the projects of local investors, participated in active consultancy and organization studies in:

Plaza construction with 20.000 m2 area in Maslak,            

Construction of 280 de lux residences in Küçük Çamlıca in 1995, 

Construction of 300 vacation houses in Yalova in 1996, 

Start up studies of 4046 residence megacity project located on 400,000 m2 land in Gebze-Darıca in 1996, and

30,000 m2 covered area plaza construction constructed in Kozyatağı in 1997.

Between 1996-1998, by establishing a partnership with a Real Estate Investment and Marketing Company, a sale via contract system which had been launched as a novelty at those dates was formed and sale and marketing activities were conducted with contracted banks within the context of real estate loans.

In 1998, we worked at the development of a complex located in Nişantaşı which is composed of nearly 200 shops.

In 1998, studies were performed in relation with the project of a Real Estate Investment Company for which an evaluation report for USD1,100,000,000.- was issued by an international evaluation institution.

Between 2001 and 2005, various consultancy services were provided to construction firms and real estate investors.

Between 2005-2006, consultancy services were provided in relation to mass construction for 448 residences being constructed at Gebze.

In 2007, consultancy services were provided in relation to a project composed of 47 villas in Bodrum.

In 2007 consultancy services were provided to a project composed of 50 villas being constructed in Büyükçekmece.

In 2007 consultancy and operational services were provided Turkey-wide at real estate investments of multinational and foreign investors; and our consultancy activities in relation to the investments of these groups still continue.

In 2010, zoning studies for the construction of a vacation resort in Kilyos started and they still continue.

In 2010, the studies for a Shopping Mall project in Manisa started and they still continue. In 2011-2012 period, consultancy services were provided to a campus structuring composed of a 5 star hotel, bazaar complex and residences. Since 2012 the studies for development of 60.000 m2 business center and 135.000 m2 residence project have been continuing.

Our consultancy services include consultancy and operation services to real estate investors and construction firms in relation to broad and various issues such as real estate and construction investments, title deed registry transactions, project concept studies, financial models, construction servitude and ownership.